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The picture radiates warmth and family ties. It shows a man, presumably a father, and two young girls, perhaps his daughters, sitting together around a campfire. They are roasting marshmallows, an image that for many people is reminiscent of cosy evenings and quality time with the family.

The most beautiful fire pits and BBQ areas in Bern

Published: 15.05.2024

Have you had enough of BBQ get-togethers on the balcony? Whether it’s in the city or the country, perfect for young or old guests, right on the water or up on a mountainside, our list has just the right grilling spot for you.

Safety first: During extended dry periods, you must observe the federal guidelines on forest fire hazards. Find information here regarding the current situation.


Get grilling in Bremgarten forest

An entertaining play and barbecue paradise awaits you on the edge of the forest at the very end of the Länggasse street in Bern. Water babies, bicycle adventurers and eager naturalists will be happy here. Near the Halenbrunnen fountain at the entrance to the Bremgartenwald, there is not only a wonderfully shady playground including a stream, pump track, dinosaur skeleton and hidden dwarf houses, but also a large grill area. This facility is ideal for families with children of all ages, because everyone can find a fun activity to try out. It’s also handy for a spontaneous BBQ or anyone who has forgotten the sausages and buns at home because just a few metres down the Länggassstrasse there is an Aperto shop, which is also open in the evening and on Sundays.


Urban adventure in Weissenbühl

This spacious playground is not only a wonderful place for birthday parties, it is also suitable for everyday family barbecues in the open air. A grill area, tables with benches and fountains are all available. Kids can climb all over the water-spouting dragon or hide in its cave while the meat or veggie burgers sizzle on the fire. When it’s particularly hot, the Steinhölzli forest behind the BBQ area is very inviting with its forest pool or for a digestive walk after your meal. You can even keep walking towards Dübystrasse and in just a few minutes you will find another excellent playground waiting for you.



Fondue in the forest on the Hinterarni Alp

Set in an idyllic forest – about ten minutes’ walk from the panoramic and extremely child-friendly Alpwirtschaft Hinterarni alpine restaurant – is a well-designed barbecue pit with a modern steel grill and seating for around 40 people. Thanks to its setting in a flat, low-traffic hiking area that is even accessible for prams, it is also ideal for families. And you don’t have to worry about lugging everything with you because firewood, a hatchet and even kindling are available. The best part, however, is that you can enjoy a fondue in the middle of the forest! Everything you need, including a caquelon, the long forks and even the cheese fondue with farmer’s bread, can be reserved and then picked up directly from the alpine restaurant. The restaurant proprietor also offers a “grill basket” with sausages, bread, chips and drinks – just call in advance to order one.


A look back and ahead from the Lueg

If you want to appreciate the Emmental in all its splendour, the best way is to drive (or walk) to the “Lueg”. On a clear day, this high pass near Affoltern i.E. offers a breathtaking view as far as the Bernese Alps. As there are only meadows and trees in sight, the younger ones can safely let off steam and explore. The area also provides an enriching experience for those interested in history. The nearby Lueg memorial reminds us of the soldiers who fell victim to the Spanish flu during active service in World War I. The barbecue area, which is maintained by the “Schweizer Familie” organisation, offers two metal grills, dry firewood, tables and benches. Unfortunately, reservations are not permitted, so it is quite possible that you might find other hikers and families here. And last but not least, the BBQ pit is also easily accessible. If you arrive on the Postauto bus, you will have to walk for approximately 15 minutes; the walk from the parking lot below the lookout point takes only 5 minutes, but it is a steep uphill climb.



Beside the Schwarzwasser river

A fire pit with as funny a name as this one just has to be a fun place. And it is! An idyllic experience awaits you at “Rütiplötsch”, located just below the confluence where the Biberze and Schwarzwasser rivers meet. This well-equipped fire pit is small but super. Surrounded by the sound of rushing water and stones that are perfect for piling up to build little people, you can use the firewood provided to cook your food on the sizzling grill above the embers. Then your feast can be devoured on the wooden picnic table. The barbecue area is situated where the hiking trails to and from Guggisberg, Riggisberg and Gurnigel cross each other – so it’s impossible to miss when exploring the Gantrisch Nature Park. And for those who feel too full after their meal to keep walking, the nearest Postauto bus stop “Rüschegg Graben, Rütiplötsch” is just 200 metres away. We’re sure you can manage that even if you’re stuffed with sausages, pasta salad, bread on a stick and all the rest!


At the Grasburg ruins in Schwarzenburg

Whether they’re pretending to be knights, princesses, servants or squires, kids (and adults) will have thrilling adventures playing around the ruins of Grasburg Castle located on the impressive Sensegraben gorge. There is no need for an entertainment programme here, just plan for enough time to explore the surroundings. The Grasburg nature discovery trail, for example, is almost three kilometres long and provides fascinating information about the local flora. There is a grilling area situated right on the path (which, by the way, can be reserved in advance) with firewood waiting for a BBQ feast. And if you still have enough energy left, pick up some smooth stones along the Sense river and see who can skip one across the cantonal border to Fribourg.


There are many more fireplaces in the Gantrisch Nature Park. Simply select "Brätlistelle" in the filter under catering.


Bramberg BBQ Spot

A beautiful view of the Fribourg Alps with the Kaiseregg and the Jura range with the Chasseral awaits barbecuers on the Bramberg near Neuenegg. In addition to the view, you can also enjoy the region’s history: When, in the 14th century, the city of Bern became more and more influential, Fribourg gathered an army of 6,500 men to confront it. The legendary Battle of Laupen ensued, which Fribourg lost. To commemorate Bern’s victory, a monument was erected on the Bramberg. Today, you’ll also find one of the Region’s best and prettiest barbecue spots there: there’s a practical grill, two tables, benches, and lots of space.


If you’re planning an event, we recommend the Waldhütte Laupen cabin. Wonderfully located above Laupen Castle, it is perfect for a relaxed, convivial get-together and BBQ.

Schiffenenstaumauer Fire Pit

This BBQ spot is a real insider’s tip. Starting at Laupen station, head to where the rivers Saane and Sense meet. A wide walking and cycling path on the right side of the river takes you up the Saane. After passing a soccer field and Laupen's public pool, use the Auriedsteg footbridge to cross the river. To your right, you’ll see the Auried, a nature reserve that is home to many amphibians, wading birds, and different insects. After another 20 minutes, you’ll spot the mighty Schiffensee lake dam. Cross the Saane once again. Right below the dam, you’ll encounter a beautiful, wooded area – the perfect spot for grilled treats and cool drinks on a sunny day.



Feasting in the ravine

There is a pretty little gorge right on the border between the regions of Oberaargau and Emmental that is perfect for splashing around, grilling and hiking. From the Riedtwil train station, a short walk along the Amiet-Hesse-Weg – created in honour of the two artists Cuno Amiet and Bruno Hesse – leads to the Mutzbachgraben ravine. A little further up, you will find a barbecue area equipped with firewood, grill and wooden benches right beside the brook. Boredom is definitely not an option here. The natural rock tunnel invites you to explore and discover, and those who venture all the way down the valley are rewarded with a view of the Mutzbach waterfall, which splashes and sprays over the sandstone wall. Hiking fans can follow the trail from here through the magnificent beech forest to Riedtwil and back to the starting point (or continue on one of the numerous hiking trails in whichever direction they fancy).


Enchanting forest experiences in Roggwil

At the idyllic “Jungfernplatz” in a moss-covered forest south of Roggwil, even fairies would not be out of place. A forest and adventure trail leads through this lovely spot, which is also ideal for smaller children with fun activity stations located just a short distance from each other. A marble run, forest xylophone, zip line, information about the local flora and fauna and much more await the eager explorers of all ages. You will find the barbecue area right at the start/finish of the loop trail. It has an extremely practical design with an adjustable grill, wooden benches and a small wooden shelter that offers protection in case of an unexpected rain shower.


There are many more fireplaces in and around Bern.