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The Emmental cheese with its many holes is world-famous. But the beautiful valley has so much more to offer – it is a great escape for bike lovers and hiking enthusiasts, for example.

Burgdorf Castle rises gracefully above the town, nestled in the twilight, and conveys a sense of historical dignity and quiet vigilance.

Its lush green rolling hills are characteristic of the Emmental, which is made up of the catchment areas of the "Emme" and "Ilfis" rivers and the Hohgant range all the way to Burgdorf. Along with Langnau and Sumiswald, Burgdorf is one of the largest towns in the Emmental.

When the weather is nice, the numerous paths over “Höger” (hills) and through “Chräche” (remote places) are great for bike fans. Due to the many uphill passages, you see mainly e-bikes, which – fun fact – were invented right here in the Emmental, which makes the Flyer the perfect vehicle for exploring one (or several) of the “Herzroute” trails that take you through this charming region. The serene landscape surrounding the Napf delights bike enthusiasts and hikers alike. The Lueg, a popular destination in Affoltern im Emmental, lies at about 900 metres above sea level and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Emmental’s hills and meadows all the way to the Bernese Alps.

How about racing down the ski slope in Schangnau, going snowshoeing on the Kemmeriboden Trail, or checking out the cross-country skiing trail? The home of Swiss ski superstar Beat Feuz has loads to offer in the winter!

Culinary delights

The Emmental is known for its many specialities, from the skillfully plaited “Anke-Züpfe” (buttery plaited bread) to the sweet “Merängge mit Nidle” (meringue with whipped cream) to the world’s most famous cheese, the Emmentaler – it’s an absolute treat for gourmets.

Ämmitaler Ruschtig

The "Ämmitaler Ruschtig" label unites the producers of Emmental products: The label is only awarded to goods that are made from at least 80 per cent regional ingredients. In this way, the "Ämmitaler Ruschtig" association aims to support the agricultural and commercial production of high-quality food in the Emmental.


Traditional crafts, a hops and malt workshop, or a summer filled with theatre: here are the Emmental event highlights.


Let it Beer Burgdorf

Over 30 regional breweries present the region’s beer specialities and diversity, accompanied by music and food trucks with culinary treats.

Freilichtspiele Moosegg – Moosegg Open-Air Theatre

In the summer, the Moosegg turns into a mecca for theatre fans. On the Waldbühne (forest stage), plays are staged al fresco – with a large ensemble, delightful scripts, and lots of Swissness.

SlowUp Emmental-Oberaargau

This active outdoor day in the Emmental is a fun experience for old and young, leisure enthusiasts and sports fanatics alike. The 38-kilometre, car-free stretch between Sumiswald, Huttwil, and Kleindietwil is there for people to enjoy, move, play, eat, and try new things. Numerous activities on and beside the road provide visitors with entertainment and food for an all-round successful day.

Brächete Zäziwil

Rippling, roasting, breaking, spinning, spooling, weaving - the Brächete Zäziwil takes visitors back to Gotthelf’s times. Once a year, the traditional craft of turning flax into linen takes centre stage. There is also a market with local specialities as well as music and dance.


Learning fun and interesting facts about more self-sufficient times, enjoying contemporary art, and trying all of the different Kambly delicacies – you’ll never get bored with these activities in the Emmental.