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Litte Town and Castle of Laupen

The charming atmosphere of this town stems from its skillfully crafted arcades, medieval half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and picturesque castle that take visitors on an architectural journey to the past.

This picture captures the hustle and bustle of the picturesque town of Laupen: Two people on e-bikes ride smilingly across the cobbled square, past traditional houses decorated with flowers, while the white church tower rises proudly into the bright blue sky.

The small town of Laupen

The sleepy little town of Laupen lies at the foot of the medieval fortifications and presents a picturesque play of colours and shapes with its different roof surfaces, ridge heights and red-brown tiles. Strategically located at the mouth of the Sense and Saane rivers, the impressive border fortress withstood the attacks of the Habsburgs in the 14th century and saved the city of Bern. In Laupen, you can get an insight into the architecture of the past.

Castle of Laupen

You can’t miss it: The grand, majestic castle complex from the 12th century is the region’s landmark. It sits high on a sandstone cliff and offers visitors a beautiful panoramic view of the Chasseral, the Jura range, the Stockhorn range, and the Bernese Alps in the distance.

More activities in Laupen

Due to its ideal location, the area around Laupen offers unlimited cycling, hiking, and swimming options. The outdoor swimming pool in Laupen lets you enjoy a hot summer’s day to the fullest.

Events in Laupen


Time loop Laupen

An e-bike tour on the Laupen time loop is an unforgettable "paselitang" (Bernese expression for passing time, derived from the French "passer le temps"). Feel the breeze on your e-bike, breathe in the fresh forest air, explore the small town of Laupen with its castle and learn more about the history of this region at the four adventure sites - this circular tour is guaranteed to be a varied way to pass the time.

Tips for bad weather

The theatre "die Tonne" regularly stages its own productions, the "Laupen Cultural Committee" organises classical concerts and jazz matinées and film enjoyment is guaranteed at the Laupen cinema. For those who prefer sporty activities, the BEO FunPark is the perfect place to let off steam with bouncing, climbing and sliding and to practise "hitting the golden mean" on an introductory archery course.

New Year’s Eve

On New Year's Eve, all of Laupen anxiously awaits the last strike of the clock at eight p.m., when a group of figures makes its way down from the castle to Bärenplatz square. Disguised with costumes and scary wooden masks, the "Bäsemanne", "Blaateremanndli", and "Glöggeler" roam the alleys of the small town, ridding it of the evil spirits with the help of ringing bells, inflated cow bladders, and brooms. This ancient custom is called "Achetringele" and is still celebrated today the way it has been for centuries. An unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages!