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The photo shows a scene from the Emmental at sunset, the sun says goodbye and bathes the landscape in soft light, enveloping the green hills and the scattered farmstead in a peaceful stillness.

Destination Bern

Bern Welcome ist die Destination Management Organisation (DMO) der Destination Bern, welche sich aus den Teilregionen Stadt Bern, Gantrisch, Emmental, Oberaargau und Laupen zusammensetzt.

Bern City

Federal city, city of shopping, pleasure, culture: Bern is diverse and unique. Whether you’re looking for nature, cultural activities, or great food – this is the place for you.


The cheese with the holes is known worldwide. But the Emmental has much more to offer than the Swiss export hit - for example, the region is a true paradise for cycling fans and hikers.

Gantrisch Nature Park

Whether it's a sporting challenge on the via ferrata, a winding bike tour, a leisurely hike with fantastic views or savouring regional delicacies - the Gantrisch Nature Park fulfils the desires of every heart.


Pretty villages, idyllic waters and historic buildings - it's worth getting to know the Oberaargau region better. The region offers many opportunities for excursions and adventures.

Laupen town and castle

The atmosphere of this charming little town is characterised by artistically crafted arcades, medieval timber-framed houses, ancient cobbled streets and a picturesque castle. Laupen offers an insight into the architecture of different centuries.