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Quaint villages, idyllic lakes, and historic buildings – the Oberaargau region is worth getting to know. It offers all kinds of fun adventures and pretty destinations.

The picture captures a breathtaking view of the Wäckerschwend windpipe, where the golden sunlight breaks through the clouds and illuminates the lush green hills.

Only about 35 minutes by car from Bern lies the Oberaargau, which stretches all the way from the Napfbergland to the Jura. The lush green forests and rolling hills are characteristic for the diverse region. In addition to its beautiful landscapes, it has historic towns such as Wiedlisbach or Langenthal – which has been populated since 4,000 BC – that are definitely worth a visit.


There’s a lot to do and discover in the Oberaargau, especially in the warmer months: adventure trails, cozy spots by the lake, and beautiful views will make your heart skip a beat and inspire old and young to explore and discover. If you prefer a more active experience, the best way to see the most beautiful spots in the region is on two wheels – for example by e-bike or scooter. 


The city of Langenthal is the centre of the Oberaargau. When walking around and exploring "Langatun" (the Celtic name of the city when it was first mentioned), you will soon come across the city’s trademark: the raised sidewalks. They were originally built to guide the "Langete" stream through the alleys during floods before a relief tunnel was built in 1992 to solve the flood problem. Langenthal offers a wide range of cultural activities, a vibrant weekly farmer's market, sporting and cultural events, and cozy restaurants and cafés.

Wangen an der Aare

The Aare river is not only an important part of this town’s name, but also of the town itself. The gentle flowing river attracts countless day tourists, hikers, and bike enthusiasts, especially in the warmer months. Whether you’re enjoying a nice picnic on its banks or a local beer in the "Aarebeizli" bistro – you’ll start to feel relaxed the moment you arrive. By the way: one of the town’s highlights is its landmark, the wooden bridge, which is over 650 years old.


In this town, explorers will almost feel transported back to the Middle Ages. When strolling through the historic part of Wiedlisbach, one thing becomes pretty obvious: this is where past and present meet. The charming village centre with its old tower has retained its original character and there are many cozy "Beizli” (bistros) that are perfect for a nice cup of coffee.


A baroque country estate brimming with history and stories, a moor lake with idyllic swimming spots and an award-winning restaurant, a hike along the Mutzbach stream to a beautiful waterfall, or a journey to the land of wool in Huttwil – the region has all kinds of activities and experiences to offer.


THE cultural venue in Oberaargau: for decades, the Capitol cinema was a meeting place for popcorn lovers and film enthusiasts. Since 2017, the OC has been a cultural venue for artists such as Patent Ochsner, Data Ante Portas, Peter Löhmann, Müslüm, Shakra, Kunz, Stiller Has, Rob Spence and many more. The stage for musicians, comedians and culture fans.