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The warm family atmosphere at the brunch buffet in the Tapis Rouge on the Gurten is palpable. Smiling faces and the shared anticipation of a delicious meal create an image of cosiness and enjoyment.
In the last twilight, under a starry sky, a person stands concentrated at the telescope, enveloped in the stillness of the evening, sharing the curiosity and joy of astronomy.
A cheerful toboggan ride in Gurtenpark: an adult and a small child, thickly wrapped up against the cold, hurtle down the snowy slope with beaming faces, pure joy in a winter wonderland.

The Gurten, Bern’s Local Mountain

Idyllic mountain oasis, fast-paced tobogganing paradise or legendary open-air festival site – Bern’s local mountain excites both young and old. Here are some recommendations for the ultimate Gurten experience.

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At 858 meters above sea level lies a paradise of green meadows and breathtaking views of the snowy caps of the Bernese Oberland region, the sparkling Aare river and the city of Bern. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is quickly forgotten when passing grazing cows, rattling hiking poles and playing children.

The “Güsche”, as locals call it, is not only a popular destination for nature-loving families and tourists who want to go hiking – it also has something to offer for gourmets, fans of open-air festivals and astronomy enthusiasts. On the Gurten, gourmet menus, a legendary music festival, yoga seminars and views of the night sky through a telescope await the visitors.

Hiking and walking

The Gurten is full of yellow markers and a paradise for hikers. Depending on time, motivation and fitness, there are hiking routes for everyone. Be it on the Gurten loop trail, the mountain view tour or the winter wonderland tour – the hiking map contains the necessary information and helps decide. Most of the routes are easy. The descent in Grüenebodewald (Grüenebode forest, route 3) is for experienced hikers and should only be hiked when it’s dry.

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Did you know? When you book one night’s accommodation or longer at a hotel within the city of Bern, you will receive a Bern Ticket valid for your entire stay. All tram and bus routes in zones 100 and 101 of the LIBERO public transport network are included – along with the Gur-tenbahn funicular!

The Gurtenbahn’s (funicular) valley station can be reached by streetcar no. 9 in around 15 minutes from Bern’s main station. From there, the top can be reached on foot, by bike or by the red funicular. Hiking to the top will take about one hour, and it’s about 30 minutes by bike. The “Gurtenbähnli”, the Gurten funicular, leaves every 15 minutes, beginning in the early morning.

Physical Activity on the Mountain

Sporty people will also find suitable activities on Bern’s local mountain: there are action-packed trails for running and biking, relaxing hiking trails and, in winter, even ski and sledding slopes.


The most popular jogging routes of the Bernese locals are along the Aare river, through the UNESCO-listed Old City or into Bremgartenwald (Bremgarten forest). Joggers who aren’t afraid of the inclination will tackle the Gurten. There are several trails that lead from the valley station through the shady forest to the top of Bern’s local mountain. At the top, a stunning view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains awaits.

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The Gurten is also well known amongst downhill fans. On a 2-kilometre trail with an altitude difference of 370 metres, bikers will encounter tight curves and jumps up to 10 metres high. The “flowy” route is suitable for beginners and pros and can be used all year round. The starting point can be reached by bike or funicular. Good to know: there is a bike washing station at the end of the trail, on deck three of the car park.

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Eating on the Gurten

Gourmets and foodies go to Gurtners, where tried-and-trusted, homemade recipes are reinterpreted and put on the menu (that changes monthly) next to hearty recipes from grandmother Gurtner. For a romantic evening, we suggest a full moon fondue or the candle-light dinner “Höi-Gflüschter” – and a nigh-time stroll with a view of the city lights for dessert.


On Sundays, it smells of warm croissants and freshly roasted coffee on the Gurten – because Sunday is brunch day! And brunch can be enjoyed in four different ways – the classic brunch at the Pavillon, the relaxed family brunch at the Tapis Rouge, the elegant Sunday brunch at Gurtners and the tasty Kulturschür brunch. Everyone who can’t wait until Sunday can go to the restaurant Tapis Rouge, where a rich breakfast is served on Saturdays.

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For Gourmets

Gourmets and foodies go to Gurtners, where tried-and-trusted, homemade recipes are reinterpreted and put on the menu (that changes monthly) next to hearty recipes from grandmother Gurtner. For a romantic evening, we suggest a full moon fondue or the candle-light dinner “Höi-Gflüschter” – and a nigh-time stroll with a view of the city lights for dessert.

To the restaurant Gurtners

For Families who Love Variety

The family-friendly restaurant Tapis Rouge has several buffets that offer a large variety of salads, warm dishes and tasty desserts. Kids get their own menu, and there’s a playroom for after the meal. When it’s sunny, there are two terraces to enjoy the view of the peaks of the Bernese Oberland.

To the family brunch in the Tapis Rouge


After the Gurten is before the Gurten – the calendar of events of Bern’s local mountain is packed. Just got back from dancing the night away at Gurten Festival last weekend? A few days later, gazing into the night sky is on the agenda. Here are the most important events in the Gurten calendar:

Gurten Festival

Every summer, Bern’s local mountain hosts the four-day Gurten Festival, which wows music fans with a great line-up, relaxed atmosphere and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Culture, Stars and Parties

Painting like Banksy or watching the stars like Galileo Galilei? From ArtNights to barbecuing seminars to astronomy evenings – the Gurten’s calendar is packed and diverse. Party people go directly to Kulturschür UpTown: public parties take place regularly at the old barn – which is also a popular location for private events.

An Oasis for the Whole Family

The Gurten is a paradise for children. There is a dragon, water fountains, a tobogganing run – it’s fun to be a kid on the Gurten! There are also green meadows and shady trees, perfect for a post-playtime nap. Countless barbecue pits and two restaurants make sure the hungry bellies are filled.


Where can you find the ultimate kids’ playground? On the Gurten, of course, even the youngest know that. They can climb around on a sleeping dragon, operate a giant ball path – a kind of Tinguely machine – and cool down in the “Gurtenseeli”, little lake Gurten. There are also miniature cars and a small train for taking a ride on Bern’s local mountain. Right around the corner is the “Gschtelasch” – a large wooden sculpture with nets, a slide and tunnels for climbing. Most attractions at the Gurten playground are free and operate in both the summer- and wintertime.

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Gurten Observatory

If you want to marvel at the incredible number of stars in the night sky with the naked eye, you don't have to become an astronaut (even if that is probably the dream of many children), because there's now an observatory on the Gurten! The observatory was previously located on Monte Generoso in Ticino for over 20 years. Now it has been given a second life thanks to the Migros Culture Percentage. The Gurten is 858 metres above sea level and, with its natural surroundings, is ideal for an observatory. Even distant galaxies, such as the Milky Way, can be seen with the naked eye.

Tobogganing Run

How about some summer tobogganing? The Gurten has the perfect option for those in need for speed. The tobogganing run is 500 metres long, has an altitude difference of 55 metres from start to finish, an inclination of up to 18 percent and even leads through a tunnel. The wonderful panoramic view of the Aare river, the city of Bern and the peaks of the Bernese Oberland region come with the package. The toboggan can be used alone or shared, and it’s also suited for children.

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Winter on the Gurten

As soon as the first snowflakes hit the rooftops of the city, everyone in Bern – locals and visitors alike – look toward the Gurten. Is the ski lift already on? If the mountain is not in one’s view, the webcam can help out. Be it on a sled, a snowboard or skis – winter is even more fun with a fresh breeze and a snowy landscape.


In the winter, there is a six-kilometre sledding slope that leads through the forest all the way to the half-way station of the Gurten funicular. Some parts are steep, some are hilly, some are narrow ¬– variety and adrenaline are part of the fun! The more relaxed option is to go sledding on the meadow. Safe equipment and waterproof clothing are recommended for all the slopes.

Hit the slopes


Putting on ski boots, taking the Gurten funicular and speeding down the slope. When there’s enough snow in the winter, the Gurten turns into a small ski resort. It’s especially suited for beginners and children: the slope is relatively short, not steep and perfect for first attempts at skiing. Equipment can be rented on-site for five Francs, and the day passes are not expensive either (they cost five Francs as well).

Skiing on the Gurten


The Gurten, Bern’s Local Mountain
3084 Wabern

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