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The picture offers a wonderful perspective from the Chuderhüsi viewing tower in Röthenbach, characterised by the natural wooden railings and roof construction. The view opens onto a wide panorama of rolling hills and forests bathed in the warm light of sunset. The sky is dramatic with cloud patterns and radiant colours, and in the distance the outlines of the mountains stand out, highlighting the majestic beauty of nature.

Our favourite sunset spots

Published: 07.05.2024

Longing for a dose of evening romance? These sunset spots sparkle with golden horizons. Pack a small picnic blanket and marvel at the fabulous sunset on the hills of the city and region of Bern.



At almost 1,000 metres above sea level, you can watch the vast landscapes bathed in golden light from the Bantiger television tower. This magnificent sunset spot is just 25 minutes by car from Bern railway station. Perfect for your next date, a family outing or simply to enjoy the play of colours all to yourself.

Up the television tower


Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the fabulous view with a somewhat steep hour-long walk up the local mountain. If you want to take it easy, you can take the railway up the Gurten. Once at the top, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramaof Bern. Especially when it gets grey in the city, you can often escape the fog here.

Cosy views


Probably the most famous view in Bern – and not without reason. The Unesco-listed old town with its copper-coloured roofs is almost fairytale-like. The Aare meanders all around in cosy Bernese style. Love at first sight.

A pinch of kitsch


Aspi Linde

The pastor and poet Jeremias Gotthelf was inspired by this unique view. From the «village lime tree» of the Emmental, the play of colours from light blue to purple and lilac, until only the stars twinkle, can be wonderfully observed. Pure evening romance reigns here.

Poetic evening atmosphere

Chuderhüsi Tower

The Chuderhüsi tower in Röthenbach is 42 metres high. From this height, where otherwise only birds enjoy the view, the sunset can be marvelled at like nowhere else. The view stretches far across the hilly landscape of the Emmental as far as the Alpine chain.

Into the air

Pack your barbecue gear in dry weather, as there is a fire pit just below.



To get to these views, you can park at the Stierhütte (or take the bus up) and then walk steeply uphill. But the short climb is well worth it. At the picnic table, you can eat the refreshments you have brought with you and enjoy the breathtaking evening show. A 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape awaits here. Incidentally, it is also fantastic at nightfall (be careful on the way back).

Steep to the night sky

To ensure that the animals are not disturbed and can continue to enjoy these views in the future, always observe the wildlife protection. This includes, among other things, staying on the path and keeping dogs on a lead.


Laupen Castle

A literally royal sight awaits visitors to Laupen Castle. After a guided tour of the castle, you can watch a breathtaking sunset at the right time. If you want to go shooting star hunting, you can spend the night in the castle room – magic guaranteed.

Royal prospects

Sense-Saane Spitz

This sunset spot can be wonderfully combined with a romantic evening stroll. While the water flows calmly down the stream in front of you, the bright colours of the evening sky merge in the distance. As this spot is not far from the village, it is ideal for enjoying the sunset even in sub-zero winter temperatures.

View with a ripple



This beautiful spot offers a magnificent view of the mountains of Central Switzerland, the entire Central Plateau and the Jura, from the Chasseral to the Black Forest. As well as hiking up to 1,136 metres above sea level, you can also take the hiking bus from Huttwil railway station. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and leisurely connoisseurs alike.

Evening romance on the Ahornalp


This sunset spot not only offers a fantastic view of the sunset, but also an exciting history. The Hochwacht tower was an important high-altitude beacon signalling station and was last used in 1798 during an attack by the French army on Bern. Fortunately, that is long gone and all that remains is the impressive atmosphere.

Historic sunset