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The picture shows a flea market. Various people are rummaging through a variety of items laid out on tables. There are books, crockery, pieces of jewellery and other curiosities. The shot is taken from an elevated perspective, which emphasises the lively and somewhat chaotic character of a flea market.

Bern’s Best Flea Markets

Published: 13.05.2024

Where and when do the very best Bernese flea markets take place? We’ll tell you this and much more in our comprehensive flea market guide for everyone who loves bargains, chance finds and just having a leisurely stroll around the stands and purchasing a little something just for the heck of it – Bernese-style.

Münsterplatz Flea Market

Every third Saturday of the month, residents display their goods in front of one of Bern’s most famous landmarks: the Bern Minster. You can find all kinds of things on the tables: antique crockery, vintage jackets, exotic scarves and so much more. This flea market is small but offers an exquisite selection of goods – that is the beauty of it. It’s perfect for treasure hunters who don’t want to spend hours rummaging through boxes to find the coolest jeans. You can also combine a visit to the flea market with a coffee stop on the minster terrace – a truly wonderful programme for Saturday.

Flohmarkt Grosse Halle, Reitschule

True flea market fans flock to Bern from all over the region in the early hours of every first Sunday of the month to do some bargain hunting in the Reithalle’s main hall. The former riding school, located just a few minutes walking distance from Bern’s main station, hosts one of Switzerland’s largest year-round flea markets. Amid the hustle and bustle on the Schützenmatte in front of the building, there’s always space for people who like to haggle, and for those who want – or rather need – to learn how that works, because a bit of bargaining is just as much part of the Reithalle flea market as taking the time for a relaxed chat with vendors, old acquaintances, or new flea market friendships.

Flohmarkt @ The Stage, Vidmarhallen

At the Vidmarhallen, the world of flea markets takes centre stage. On weekdays, this place gets people moving as a dance, fitness and acrobatics school, on Sundays, it regularly hosts a unique flea market with its own groove. The “Flohmarkt @ The Stage” is perfect for flea market fans who need some good tunes and vibes while hunting for treasures. A live DJ provides cool beats, and the Broadway feeling in the rooms of “The Stage” sets the right mood. And who knows – maybe you’ll discover a rare find or treasure while dancing from stall to stall that you wouldn’t have noticed at walking pace ...

Vide Grenier in the Old City

A stroll beneath Bern’s arcades is always a treat – and even more so when it’s time for the Vide Grenier! The yearly old-town flea market draws visitors to Kramgasse and Gerechtigkeitsgasse alleys for some “Gänggele” (a Bernese word that describes the act of treating yourself to a little something). The local residents and shop owners set up their stalls to sell the countless gems from their attics, apartments, and basements. Make sure you don’t miss out on the treasures: it’s worth getting to the Vide Grenier early to snatch the best finds.

Zentralmarkt, Dampfzentrale

If you think people only go to Dampfzentrale in the Marzili neighbourhood to dance, make music and eat, you should definitely stop by on a last Sunday of the month (May to September), when the cultural centre on the Aare river turns into a charming marketplace in front of a spectacular backdrop. Browse the stands of private kitsch sellers and professional second-hand vendors – presenting a classy, select range of products is the highest credo. In the “worst” case, all you will do is indulge on the legendary warm chocolate cake on the restaurant’s terrace with a view of the river.

More flea markets in and around Bern

In the mood for a treasure hunt? Get out your planner! In addition to the classics, Bern also has a lot of small, charming flea markets that only take place once or a few times a year. Here’s where and when

  • Flea Market Langnau
    Viehmarktplatz, Viehmarktgasse 1, 3550 Langnau i.E

  • Velobörse Bern (bicycle market)
    Mehrzweckhalle Kaserne, Papiermühlestrasse 13c, 3014 Bern
    Werkhof beim Schlossgutplatz, 3110 Münsingen

10 Tips for Flea Market Vendorsc

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