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In a bright, friendly gallery, a family looks with interest at an exhibition on Paul Klee. The attentive attitude and curious glances show reverence and fascination for the art.
An explosive expression of creativity: paint-filled brushes rest on an easel in front of a vibrant, colourful painting that radiates light and inspiration.
A painting by Paul Klee called "Fish Magic" from 1925; a mystical underwater world filled with imaginary fish and symbols that awaken the curiosity and wonder of the unknown.

Zentrum Paul Klee

Events held at this vibrant art and culture center give free rein to participants’ creativity. In addition to the world’s most extensive Klee collection, the center also offers seminar and banquet facilities and an auditorium for conventions and concerts.

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Bern, Switzerland’s capital city and a UNESCO World Heritage site, added a new landmark in 2005: The Zentrum Paul Klee. The wave-shaped steel and glass structure designed by the Italian star architect Renzo Piano is worth a visit all on its own.

The building’s three curved “hills” and gently contoured lines blend into the surrounding rolling landscape. Enclosed by fields and a spacious park, the center provides a lovely area for walking.

If you take the paths that circle the Zentrum Paul Klee, you will discover many signs with curious names. A total of 18 paths around the building are named after Klee’s masterpieces. The museum awaits visitors at the interesting address of “Monument im Fruchtland 3” (Monument in a Field 3).

Angels, Fish and Everything in Between

“Ad Parnassum”, “Fischzauber” (Fish Magic), “Paukenspieler” (The Drummer), “Vergesslicher Engel” (Forgetful Angel), “Insula Dulcamara”, “Regentag” (Rainy Day) and “Ur-Welt-Paar” (Primeval-World Couple) are just some of the selected paintings – whose names tell a story in and of themselves – that the Zentrum Paul Klee displays from the world’s most significant collection of works by Paul Klee (1879–1940).

The cultural complex is devoted to the artist’s life and work. The museum’s inventory includes paintings, watercolors and drawings, and contains around 4,000 works of art. Themed exhibitions with a rotating thematic focus present Paul Klee’s creative efforts and allow visitors to gain new, perhaps unusual perspectives of the artist and the world.

In addition to a changing selection of Klee’s artwork, the museum displays paintings from other notable modern and contemporary artists in rotating exhibitions. Numerous public and private tours permit visitors to interact personally with the art on display. If you prefer to explore the exhibition at your own pace, you can rent an audio guide for a small fee.

The Zentrum Paul Klee – More than Just a Museum

Museum Café and Restaurant Schöngrün

The Zentrum Paul Klee has even more to offer after you’ve finished viewing the exhibitions. How does a cappuccino and slice of delicious cake sound? The Museum Café in the foyer area serves tasty refreshments and snacks.

If you’re looking for a hot lunch or an à la carte meal, Restaurant Schöngrün offers a small but delectable selection of menu items. The restaurant’s elegant atmosphere in a villa next to the Zentrum Paul Klee makes dining out an especially stylish experience.

Don’t forget to visit the Museum Shop in the entrance area leading to the exhibition rooms. You’re sure to find the perfect Klee souvenir or informative books on art history.

Zentrum Paul Klee: A Diverse Cultural Space

The distinctive building is home to both an immense collection of artwork and a wide variety of art-related activities. More than just a museum, the Zentrum Paul Klee also functions as a platform for events such as concerts, readings and tours and is an attractive location for events and conferences.

Further Information

Concerts at the Zentrum Paul Klee

From the musical highlights of the museum’s own Paul Klee ensemble and a variety of guest musicians, to the Master Concert series and innovative folk tunes, music plays a center role in the cultural life of the Zentrum Paul Klee. The auditorium is not just an architectural jewel; it also offers splendid acoustics and an outstanding setting for performances of every kind. More information about the concerts can be found here.

Art Mediation and the Creaviva Children’s Museum

With paints, paper, glue and your imagination, you can create anything. Creaviva, the art studio on the museum’s lower ground floor, offers a colorful palette of activities for visitors of all ages. During the workshops and private events, participants (aged 4 and older) can find their own uniquely creative form of expression and interact with the design, shapes and colors of Klee’s works. More information about Creaviva can be found here.

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Zentrum Paul Klee
Monument im Fruchtland 3
3006 Bern

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