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The exhibition at the Museum of Communication pulsates with life; visitors interact playfully and curiously explore the diverse exhibits.
A visitor to the Museum of Communication in Bern is immersed in an interactive exhibition, surrounded by the history of technology, accompanied by soft lighting and reflections that awaken curiosity and a spirit of discovery.
Two people stand curiously at an interactive exhibition table in the Museum of Communication, surrounded by living exhibits, playfully exploring the world of communication.

Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication unites the past, present and future under one roof. The history and development of communication and its technologies can be experienced on the museum’s three levels. And it’s all yours to touch, try out and play with!

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The new core exhibition on communication covers almost 2,000 square metres and promises even more of what many people love about the Museum of Communication: In addition to interactive stations, surprising objects and large video screens, the Museum of Communication now also has flesh-and-blood people to convey the fascination of the world of communication.

The new core exhibition covers almost 2,000 square meters and is filled with everything that fans of the Museum of Communication love. In addition to interactive stations, unusual objects and giant video screens, real live people also share fascinating facts and insights about communication. With its new design, the museum is keeping pace with the times and was awarded the prestigious Council of Europe Museum Prize in 2019.

The exhibition is divided into themed zones devoted to different aspects of communication. Numerous interactive and regularly rotating stations enable visitors of all ages to experience the educational content at their own level. No matter which generation you belong to, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the constantly changing and ephemeral world of communication.

Learning with Fun and Games

Whether it’s creating your own video messages, recognizing different devices by their sounds, taking selfies and interpreting photographs, preventing a hacker’s attack, playing interactive games, designing and printing postage stamps, conducting an interview with a virtual person, or participating in film karaoke, you’ll encounter communication in all its different facets in the core exhibition.

Fascinating knowledge is transfered via many different channels, enabling even regular visitors to gain new perspectives of the museum’s exhibits. If you want to learn even more about a specific area, you can spend longer at a station, read and think about the topic on your own, and define a personal focal point for yourself. You may even want to visit the exhibition several times.


Is it possible that nothing is not nothing after all? The exhibition NOTHING (10.11.23-21.07.24) goes all out to show the seemingly inane from an unusual point of view. The small things in our everyday lives that are not visible, material or tangible. They seem to appear from nowhere, only to disappear again. This is by no means a conjuring trick. Let us take you on a journey with some wonderfully surprising encounters – a journey into nothingness!

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Museum of Communication
Helvetiastrasse 16
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