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The picture shows a school class on a guided tour of the Apline Museum of Switzerland, focussed on a three-dimensional mountain model. A teacher explains while the children listen and watch attentively. The foreground is in focus, while the group in the background is slightly blurred, conveying a concentrated and instructive mood.
The photo shows visitors looking at a dynamic installation in the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern. The composition of floating wooden elements and stones conveys a sense of movement and chaos, while the viewers linger in contemplative silence.
The picture shows guests sitting and eating in an outdoor area of a restaurant called "las alps", accompanied by sunny weather and a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.

ALPS Swiss Alpine Museum

The ALPS Swiss Alpine Museum focuses on people and mountains – surprising, courageous, diverse and relevant – and lets you experience the changes in nature due to climate change, spatial development, and tourism.

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The ALPS discusses the coexistence of «above» and «below», in Switzerland and internationally. Dialogue and participation are among the most important principles of its work, which is regularly demonstrated in its interactive exhibitions.

The museum focuses on topics like environment and politics, art and culture, tourism and mountain sports. It’s all about the «here and now», about the future, but also about the past. The present can only be understood while looking at the past. To achieve that, the Swiss Alpine Museum draws from its rich collection. Idyllic mountains and tranquillity also find a place in the museum’s exhibitions, as long as you can learn something about our coexistence from them. The Swiss Alpine Museum designs and develops its diverse exhibitions with a vast network of partners from all sectors.

At “las alps”, the museum’s own restaurant, visitors are treated to delicious lunch menus, relaxed Sunday brunch from October to April and – upon request – evening cocktail parties. The museum can also be booked for private events and banquets. Find out more here.


ALPS Swiss Alpine Museum
Helvetiaplatz 4
3005 Bern

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