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The photo shows two women sitting at a counter in the old tram depot and chatting. In front of them are beer samples and a pretzel on a plate. In the background you can see the shiny copper kettles of the brewery and the lively atmosphere. Both women are smiling and seem to be enjoying the beer and each other's company, which suggests a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The photo shows a small group in a cosy, rustic room, perhaps a traditional pub or restaurant. They appear to be engaged in a lively conversation while enjoying a beer. The atmosphere is intimate and friendly, lit by warm candlelight. The relaxed facial expressions and eye contact indicate a relaxed and pleasant conversation.
The photo shows a group of people sitting around a table in a bright room with windows, with the words "BRAUEREI" on a pane of glass in the background. They are obviously tasting different beers and engrossed in a sociable conversation. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and the group seems to be enjoying the moment together.

City tour "Bernese Beertour"

The guided tour through Bernese beer culture! Find out everything there is to know about beer with the help of an experienced beer sommelier.

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from CHF 79.00

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“As a beer sommelier at dub4you, I accompany the Bern Beer Tour. It's always exciting when the groups aren't closed, as the participants mix with each other and completely new constellations are created.”
Anna Peyer, beer sommelier

The following four locations offer exclusive insights into the diversity of the Bernese art of brewing:

If you're hungry after your beer tour and don't want to go home yet, it's best to stay in the Barbière. This is where the finest pub food is served every Wednesday evening. Kitchen virtuoso Amadeus conjures up variations using fresh and regional ingredients - to match the beer on offer, of course.

Why does beer from the bottle taste different than beer from the glass? The answer to this and many other questions can be found on the beer tour – and not only in theory: at four locations, two restaurant breweries and two select beer bars in Bern’s Old City, the participants learn everything about beer and the process of brewing. Naturally, a professional beer tasting of 14 different beers (1 dl each) is also part of the programme. Thanks to the tour and the expert’s knowledge, you’ll have interesting facts and anecdotes up your sleeve the next time you make small talk!

By the way: If you're curious to find out exactly how the Bernese beer tour works, we recommend reading the blog post by Bärner Meitschi.

Guided tours and language offers

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  • Adults - CHF 0.00
German, French, English
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Maximum of 15 people per group

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City Tours Bern
Bahnhofplatz 10a
3011 Bern

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